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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cell Phone Etiquet - By Sakoieta'

Cell phones and texting. I appreciate that mankind has been able to develop technological devices that now make our lives easier. But these, like anything else have to be used in a responsible manner other wise what is a positive and useful tool and way of communicating can also be a weapon that causes more problems and can hurt relationships. For all you people who text, learn to also use correct punctuation other wise messages you send can be seriously misunderstood. Even in having a cell phone, if I can talk person to person with someone I prefer doing things in that manner. That way there is more of a chance of being understood than being misunderstood and it creates little confusion.


Carol said...

our cell phones don't work where we live. if we were rich and could afford a plan with ATT or Tmobile we would get one of their plans. as it is we MUST have a land line anyway for internet service.

i love to text though where i have reception.

the other thing though is the annoying people who TALK on their cell phones in close airplanes. on my recent flight from Dallas the woman seated behind me was having a lengthy PERSONAL convo with someone on her cell phone, even as we taxied down the runway on take off. annoying to say the least.

Patricia M said...

I like the convenience of texting. Sometimes all I need to convey to someone is a short message and don't want to get into a conversation. However, I hate going to lunch with someone and have them constantly texting the entire time - pretty rude IMO.