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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Heart Attack Snow

14" plus new snow and it is slush on the bottom and light fluffy snow on the top.  Sticks to your shovel and the shovel becomes extremely heavy.  Go to toss a shovel of snow and the weight is so much that the shovel flies right out of your hands.  This is the type of snow that you leave in place and let the sun work on it for a couple days.  Too heavy to shovel, too heavy to push.  The photo above is my garden box that had sprouts coming up yesterday.  Sarah in the background wondering what happened, I was laying on the deck in the sun yesterday and I didn't know I hibernated and missed summer.  

 While I was out taking photos this little guy flew right up to feed so I took a photo of him also to share.  He had to be hungry as all his other food sources are covered with snow.
The above photo shows our mud room roof.  The sun is coming up and it has warmed up from 4 degrees to 16 degrees so this will all melt off in a couple days if the sun stays out.  The sun will compact it down and it will melt away and we should see bare ground in a few days again.  Even the snow thrower can't handle this slop and clogs up so we will let the sun work on it and just stay home for a few days.


Anonymous said...

You must welcome the moisture, we are a few hundred miles south of you and would kill for moisture like that. I'm sure you are enjoying natures beauty, and soon summer will be blessing you for the next couple months. May you remain fire free!

SUN WATCH said...

Those picture is nice but snow is not a funny things also.