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Friday, April 12, 2013

Worthwhile Wisdom From: Sakoieta'

Most arguments are traps of one kind or another. They should be avoided like poison. We need to realize that anyone who comes to us to argue rather than sit with us and discuss things in a peaceful manner is not really looking to resolve issues only to throw their anger like burning sparks on anyone who is in listening range. When someone approaches us in this manner we need to allow ourselves to relax right out of it and not be party to it. Why do we need to end up being the other half of an argument that was merely a disguised trap in the first place? The argument or disagreement is really with the other person, leave it there. The best revenge of any kind is always to refuse to argue or fight. Peaceful and reasonable discussions bring change and usually can improve relationships. Nasty arguments usually do little of anything other than having one person trying to assert their power over others. This is neither fair nor does it include solutions for both parties or help in dealing with the issue at hand.

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Pat said...

Amen to this…