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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Moving On From Guilt - By Sakoieta'

Remembering our past often has the potential to bring up negative images as well as good. Remembering can be painful without any real benefit. Much of the time, though, it helps us move ahead and to go on to do what we have to do. It is far too easy to carry around false guilt, a wrong idea, to override our good memories. We lose sight of the positive things we have done and the happiness we have shared by recalling a thousand impossible wishes we wanted to come true. But it doesn’t do any good to drag these things of the past into the now where they can dwarf the present time because the past was not what we hoped it would be. It is important to focus and remember people, places and things that were dear to us. To remember them with pleasure does them more honor than to on what we did or didn’t do in the past.

1 comment:

Carol said...

very true! as Judge Judy would say "woulda, coulda, shoulda." we need to learn from past mistakes, ask for forgiveness if need be, forgive ourselves and get on with the present and the future. Life is it!