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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Last In The Series Of Articles On Wagon Creek

 Final and hopefully the last in a series of articles on saving a native species of trout and also a sparkling creek. The entire article can be found at:
We even managed to save two trout trapped in the silt and muck at the bottom of the second cistern.  Hopefully this will never happen again. Now it will be referred to the U.S. Attorney to decide if prosecution is warranteed.  Since the trout's future is secure and the creek restored I have no opinion on what happens further.
Fish were supposed to not be able to get into the cisterns but did.  Also the silt was not supposed to happen and in less than a year there was close to a foot of silt in the bottom of the cistern.  Those indicate that the system was not properly engineered to begin with.  To maintain the viable system had it been done legally it would have required constant maintenance.  The second cistern had collapsed within one year of installation.

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