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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Staying Fit For Others - By Sakoieta'

As I get older I am learning more and more each year about the importance of self-care. I used to hear people talk about it a lot, especially religious people, then I would hear about them being out on the golf course eight days a week and seven times on Sunday. I looked at their self-care as selfish care and didn’t really care for it at all wondering how much of their time were they really giving back to their community. The last few years I have really seen the need that if I don’t look after myself physically, mentally, emotionally and especially spiritually then I am really not in any type of shape to be able to offer my best help to anyone. I am a firm believer that if someone asks my assistance they need me to be in top form. That is the only way I can assist someone without it totally draining my ability to keep myself healthy in all ways and happy, happy, happy.

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Carol said...

Happy, happy, happy for sure!!