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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I recently posted a topic on the fact we had not seen any bats this year.  We have a bat house under the overhang for them and usually can see them come and go from the house. After I posted "where are the bats?" they suddenly showed up.  Our mosquito population in now almost non existent as these little guys eat their weight in insects in a night. We had a family of fly catchers nest and raise their three babies on top of our electric meter this year and when they had raised their young, the bats suddenly showed up. Perfect timing. We are glad our bat family is back and our insect population is diminished.

We were privileged to see two of the baby fly catchers fly from the nest for the first time. They were right by the basement door and I would pass them several times a day and talk to them. That has been a regular nesting place for fly catchers now for many years and they return year after year.

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Bruce said...

Comment by Jane: Awesome! So glad to hear they’re still around – they were just kind of busier this year than usual I suppose…