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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Well Trained Children

 It has taken some effort but we finally have all three of our dogs trained to obey even when they may not want to.  When they went out this morning a doe that we are very familiar with was just on the other side of the fence, and they walked along the fence not 10' from her and did not bark or get excited.  One NO was all it required and they went about their business in the fenced in back yard and the doe went on eating and maintaining our wild grass on the other side of the fence. Many dogs would get excited over having another animal that close to them but ours checked her out and then went about their business quietly.
We believe this is the doe that our special Daisy raised. We call her Daughter and when she was just a fawn she broke her front leg and her mother would not care for her and kept driving her off.  Daisy, the most amazing deer along with her son Junior, moved in and protected the fawn from its own mother and took over raising her and caring for her. Her broken front leg finally healed she is now 100%. As she grew to an adult Daisy protected her, cared for her, would not allow the other deer to abuse her and now Daughter is a regular guest.  She was taught well and Daisy had no fear of our dogs and neither does Daughter. Daisy would actually vault the fence and look in the back window on occasion.  Ours is a peaceful and respectful place for our dogs, us and the wild animals to co-habitate.  Isn't this one beautiful girl...

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