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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Tractor maintenance needs to be done once a year or when I have so many hours on the tractor. I love my Kubota as it is a mini work horse that does a lot of the work around here. Even though I love the Kubota I have several choice comments when I have to do the maintenance. In this photo I am changing the second fuel filter (it has two) and this particular one is a real chore. I have a small area about 3"X6"X6" to get my fingers into to get the filter un bolted and changed.  It would be real helpful if I had fingers an inch longer and the grip of steel.  Getting any tool into the area is next to impossible.

Once I changed the oil and filter I kept the air blue trying to switch out those two fuel filters.  That done I changed the air filter, gave it a lube, and checked all bolts for tightness. The bottom fuel filter will give you a bath with diesel fuel as soon as the filter is disconnected.  Had to toss my flannel shirt and ball cap as they were saturated with diesel fuel. Got r done though and glad I don't have to do it again right away. Living in the mountains you need to be able to do much of your own maintenance or pay an extra $2-300.00 for a trip charge for a mechanic to do it. On those jobs I can't do the Co-op will loan me a trailer to haul the tractor to them for needed repairs. The old Kubota sure does run better now that the maintenance is all done for another year.

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