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Friday, September 27, 2013

Refrigerated Peaches

I write about all the benefits of living here on the mountain - like now with the aspen trees changing color - but there are a few disadvantages too. Not many but a few. Like the peaches Carol bought in town Wednesday.  I went to cut one this morning to put on my corn flakes and this is what I found. While they grow peaches here in Colorado we rarely get them as they are all shipped to Denver and sold in the stores there. The peaches we get are shipped in from other states like California. They are picked early and transported in refrigerated trucks. Picked early so they will ripen after they get to the store.

By shipping them in refrigerated trucks depending on where they are stacked in the trailer they are prone to freeze and this is the result. No peach smell, no flavor and discolored. A disadvantage to living in the southern part of the state where only potatos are grown.  It is rare that we get home grown fruit and I won't even mention the fish and shrimp that comes from other countries.  You not only have to be physically tough to live in the mountains but you need a strong stomach too.

I'll take some photos of the aspen trees and post to off set the disadvantage of having to deal with fruit that has been frozen. Not many disadvantages to living here but fruit and sea food is one disadvantage. Fortunately the canned fruit is always consistent and good albeit a little on the sweet side. Fresh food is a gamble because it looks normal on the outside and when you get it home this is what you find..

Another advantage is going out in the back yard this morning and seeing a bull elk bugling up behind the house. Of course as soon as the dogs went out he was gone and moved on to another area.

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