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Friday, November 22, 2013

Funny Things I Have Witnessed

 When I was still in high school a friend and I drove over to Lake Michigan to do a little fishing along the shore. We were fishing next to a fairly steep boat ramp and several boats had launched when we noticed a rather large man driving a Nash Rambler and towing a boat that was at least two times as large as the car.

We stopped fishing to watch this launch take place. Neither of us knew what a little Nash Rambler was capable of but it had to be a pretty good car to tow a boat that size to the launch site. As the man backed the boat into position on the fairly steep ramp he was just creeping backwards very slowly being cautious. The boat was on the ramp and the cars back wheels soon went over the edge of the ramp and then gravity took over. We were watching as the man stood on the brakes but the car kept heading toward the edge of the water a little faster as gravity was not to be denied.
As it got a few feet from the edge of the water the man put the little car in forward gear and gave it gas to avoid the inevitable. That didn't work and soon the back tires were billowing smoke trying to go forward but by then it was way too late. The little car was being pulled into the lake. The driver did not take time to remove the tie down strap on the boat and the boat floated on the trailer and both continued to go out into the lake and pulled the little car right out into deep water. The car only floated for a second and then started to sink being held to the trailer by the towing ball. We just sat there dumb founded. The guy got out and came sloshing up on shore angry so we left to go fish somewhere else. We were in fact a little afraid to laugh where he could hear us so we beat a hasty retreat down the shore and let go with some hearty belly laughs over the comedy we had just witnessed.  We have no idea how they got the little car out if they ever did. I still have to laugh as the sight of that episode replays in my mind.

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