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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Life Balances Out by Sakoieta'

We cannot see everything from beginning to end. Life is too huge and too large for us to be able to do that or see that far ahead. So sometimes when we can’t see the outcome, we have to give in certain moments more than we can expect to receive. We sometimes have to reach beyond what we know, what we want to do and help someone else rather than see them break down. Often we have to also forgive more than we are forgiven and work harder to believe in the goodness of the Human spirit as well as the Natural Spirit. We may lose sight of this from time to time but then there is a burst of "sunlight" and all of our works come back to us in one form or another and we know that our giving has also blessed us as well as the blessing it gave to others. The scales do balance out and we realize that we will never be given less in return than what we have given out when the energy, thoughts and meaning behind our giving were our best.

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