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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter Air Colors

We have been having an arctic blast for the past several days where the temperature has been single digit and dropping below zero at night. When it gets this cold and stays cold this is the view from our front deck. Notice the different colors in the sky which is apparently the layering of the different air masses. It is pretty and if it looks cold that is because it is cold. You can just see Mount Mestas on the left covered with snow. When the air gets this cold there are inversions and they are beautiful from 9,750' elevation.

The wind has been blowing for the past two days so hopefully it will blow this cold weather away. The more it blows the more we notice the temperature slowly rising. The wind chill however is a factor when we are outside. Good old wood stove is putting out some good heat so it is nice and warm inside.    


Kathryn said...

Beautiful! I like to post photos to my Facebook page. May I borrow this one? I will link to this article.

Bruce said...

You may use any of the photos I post Kathryn: I consider it a real honor that someone else likes them enough to share. Feel free to use as you see fit..Bruce

Kathryn said...

Thank you, very much.