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Friday, June 6, 2014

Firewood 2014

 Have not had much time to post on the blog lately because we were tackling our biggest job of the year - every year. We now have our firewood in for next winter. This job takes a couple weeks to fulfill and we have been working at it each day and finally finished yesterday afternoon. We have about 6-7 cords ready for winter and another 5 cords in the wood shed.
We will spend the rest of the summer from time to time cutting double length logs and storing them behind the wood shed where they will be ready to convert into firewood for the following winter. We have a system and we get the firewood ready early to avoid the hot days and insects. Everything in the photo here was just like this at the start of winter last year and we ended up burning every bit of it and part of what was in the wood shed. Now on to other tasks which include hauling all the downed trees that happened over the winter to the burn site and cleaning up our lot. That is the second biggest job we need to do and probably is tied with then having to climb up and clean the chimney and wood stove so we will be ready to go.

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