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Monday, June 16, 2014

Treating Family Members Right by Sakoieta'

Something I noticed a little while ago, it is interesting how people will often treat strangers with so much kindness, respect and tolerance while at the same time almost crucifying their own family members or friends. It’s probably true that because we may see these strangers and people only briefly in our daily routines that gives us less reason to be irritated with them. Where as we see those we are familiar with on a more frequent basis so we let our annoyances and irritations show without much thought. In this whole situation we often forget that those we love and who are dear to us, family, friends and relatives are still the most important and we also expect them to be tolerant and respectful towards us...more so than we may be of them. Patience, tolerance and love are all born of the spirit, where as tension and irritation is of the mind. We should never respond to strangers with more respect, concern and tolerance than we do our loved ones, friends and relatives.

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