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Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Value Of Listening by Sakoieta'

One of the best lessons I learned many years ago was the value of silence and listening. Really listening to someone. It was not half listening so I would know how I was going to respond, but seriously getting my mind into the mindset of the speaker I was listening to so I could, if I had to, very respectfully ask for clarification of something they had said so I would not be misunderstanding their words, or intent and not so I would be able to respond with my thoughts. It was listening without even thinking of speaking. It is very seldom that I run into people anymore who really take the time to listen. Most people want to be heard and need to be heard in some cases very much. But we also need to learn again to listen so we get the full meaning of what is being really spoken by the words being used, the tone of the words and the body language that goes along with it.

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