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Friday, July 18, 2014

What Goes Around Comes Around by Sakoieta'

Everything is in a circle. Whatever we set in motion comes back and often can shock us with how quick it can return and the impact it can have. It causes us to be careful with what we invest our time and energy into. Even a word, time, actions or other things, even a dollar must be "invested" or spoken carefully and in the right spirit because the investment will return to us. Such things teach us to stop and think, to consider these things. I have found and experienced that when I have had material needs, a single dollar that I gave to help someone out in their time of need has often returned from unexplainable sources and in a multiplied fashion, sometimes many years later. Everyday even the way we treat people with kindness is an investment and though at times it may seem wasted or insignificant, when we have really need it, it returns to us as well and we learn how important it is to keep living in, and "being" in a good way.

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