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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Restored Firewood Box

Our firewood box had gotten dark with age and yesterday was such a nice day outside I decided to take it out on the front deck and refinish it. I made the box 20+ years ago out of walnut and rock maple and hand cut the dove tail joints. When you hand cut dove tail joints you never know until you try to fit them together if they will fit or not. If not your box gets smaller as you have to start all over again. Fortunately these joints all fit and the box is solid and has been a great firewood box for the past 18 years. In the summer we store the wood stove utensils in it.
It now looks new again with a new coat of finish and some fine sanding paper to get down to the true color of the wood. Years of treating it with lemon oil had darkened it to where I couldn't tell which wood was which. I also added some cut nails to give it a more attractive appearance. I think it is good for at least another 20 years now.  It had become so dark that had forgotten how pretty the wood actually was.  That is Sarah's bed in the foreground.

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