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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Search Beyond The Allusion by Sakoieta

After a recent experience got me to thinking I realized we always need to be very vigilant and try to see things and understand them for ourselves. We need to be able to search for truth as it is, not as it seems to be. For instance a shadow doesn’t always show us what caused it. The shadow is a silhouette or a dark outline cast by something standing in the way of light. Frequently it is quite opposite from what it appears to be. A cluster of leaves can throw a shadow that looks like a huge snowflake, but in reality it is not a snow flake at all. So it is with chasing a shadow over some one else’s reputation. What seems to be fact may not be fact at all, but only appearance like the leaf cluster that looks like a snowflake. Most of the time we would be lost if we had to depend on people’s appearances. We are so sure of what we are seeing that little can change our mind, until truth moves and presents itself but the shadow didn’t.

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