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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Differences by Sakoieta'

The greatest misunderstanding that has been perpetrated on human beings is that we have to all be alike and view things in life the same way. We are taught this should be necessary to be a part of organizations, cliques, armed forces, groups, political parties, etc. That is like asking people to reject the flowers of the field because they are different or the animals of the forest, or the birds of the air, etc. Life and natural law and the natural world teaches us to appreciate the differences we find in everything. It only shows how far, as human beings, we have wandered away from being part of the natural world and reality of life that lives in this manner.

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Lee said...

Eloquent. My twenty year old son has Downs Syndrome. He is different. Diversity is part of life and humans would have died out a long time ago if we had not been able to diversify the gene pool. My dad used to say that wars and other strife amongst people would continue until all groups had intermingled to the point of being the 'same color'. I was lucky to have been raised by parents who taught their children to be respectful of all people. Many are not so blessed. In the 'disability community' there is a saying, 'more alike than different'. This is true. I can only hope for a kinder, greener, more peaceful world where differences are celebrated rather than eschewed or merely tolerated.