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Monday, May 2, 2016


Some things go unnoticed and unappreciated but not this little tree. When we first moved here and started to clear our lot this little tree was only 3-4 feet tall and now it is over 8 feet tall. It was all by itself and seemed in the way but as I looked at it and decided if it needed to go or not - I decided not.

Now it is often buried under snow during the winter and each year I marvel at how it managed to survive with all that weight of snow on it. I look at it often and admire its toughness and desire to survive. It has survived not only the heavy snow, spruce bud worm and been buried for months at a time but survived drought, bag worms, and everything else nature could throw at it. I helped it out with the bag worms but it has fought and survived everything else. I have really come to admire this little tree.

It has survived everything that has been thrown at it and made this little tree stronger. I know - pretty silly to admire a scruffy little tree when we have 11 acres of them but this tree has earned respect. Some day when someone else lives here they will probably cut it down but as long as I'm alive it will be untouched. It has taken on the harshest of conditions and become stronger and I have watched it grow from a small tree to a real tough tree. It has more than earned its place on our property. Some would call my admiration for this conifer tree nuts and they may be right but I appreciate toughness when I see it and this tree is as tough as they come. Bent over but not broken.....

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