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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Wild Turkeys

As I was fixing the dogs breakfast I looked out the window and there were some wild adult turkeys heading up the mountain. We have turkeys around various times of the year. They reminded me of a turkey we called Put - Put because she would hang around doing her put put when she wanted something to eat. She would come to the back window and put away until she got our attention so I could carry her out some hen scratch. Sometimes she would come a couple times a day to get some feed. When I would go down the road to our creek to dig worms to go fishing she would follow me and I would toss her a few worms which she also loved.

Put Put stayed with us for a very long time until one day on our walk we had a mountain lion walk out in front of us not far from the house. After that we didn't see Put Put again. I scoured the side of the mountain to see if the mountain lion got here or not and found no trace which led me to believe that Put Put had vacated the area and never found her way back. She obviously went in search of someplace that didn't have as many predators. We have coyote and bobcat but when the mountain lion showed up that was probably the final factor that sent Put Put looking for safer ground.

We were able to enjoy her company for a while and she allowed us to get close enough to feed her and she determined when she wanted to be fed. We miss Put Put and she never lost her wildness so I'm pretty sure she did well on her own.


JO said...

Great story I hope she did make her way to safer grounds

Sakoieta said...

Wild Turkeys were always especially valued by the Onkweshón:’a (Iroquois). We used the turkey for food and decoration on our Kastowa’s (Men’s Feathered Hat). The wild turkey was seen by our people as what we called the peace eagle. We used the feathers and would split them down the vain and tie them onto the men’s hat, thus representing a peace symbol. So if any one ever sees an Iroquois Man’s Hat they will notice the turkey feathers that are tied to it.

Carol said...

thank you, Sakoieta, for that. Interesting information!!! I like "peace eagle".