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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Homesteading As A Senior

Check out the latest blog on homesteading as a senior citizen. I figured it was time when I went into a Subway for a sandwich and the gal that made it said I already applied your AARP discount. Never have seen her before so I guess I look senior which I am. Read the entire blog at


Mike said...

AARP, is about as liberal as you can get. I dropped my support many years ago....


Liz said...

I have fantasized about homesteading for probably 40 years, or so. As a single Mom, then Grandma-Mom, & College & Graduate School student, life got in the way. I'm now 68, still wanting to be a Homesteader & Farmer. I guess I had best get moving! You are an Inspiration. Thanks for all your wisdom!