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Monday, June 6, 2016

Dangers On The Highway

I just came home from making a quick run into town and made some observations along the way. For one there seems to be a high concentration of people driving while on their cell or smart phones. I saw one guy driving, looking down and writing all at the same time. A child darting out (school is out) or a person riding in the bike lane wouldn't stand a chance as he had slowed down some but was out of his lane. What is so important that you have to drive and have that smart phone or cell phone at your ear putting others at risk? Several people drifted over the lane line as well. Some were just creeping along causing other traffic to try to get around them.

Then there is the legalized marijuana in Colorado. Unless caught in the act of smoking it or eating it while driving it apparently is hard to prove. Some people just putz along slowly appearing not to be aware of their surroundings. They go slow, then speed up a little, drift all over the road and then slow down again. If you are behind them you can smell it but it seems there is never a cop behind them.

Then there is the traffic stop. Better be careful here because the police are targets themselves and are very cautious. Keep your hands in sight on the steering wheel and behave yourself.

Then there is the abnormally number of people who seem to find everyone else's driving infuriating or you are not going fast enough for them and they don't like to be held up. I had one such incident right here in our neighborhood. I was going the speed limit - 30 mph - and I came on some guy who was going 10-15 mph. When the road widened out I eased out and went around him. As I carefully went by he flipped me the finger, shook his fist and had pure hate and anger on his face. It seems everyone now days has an abundance of anger especially in our small community. This happens at least one or two times a year in our small community. I didn't know this person but I have known a couple of them and they are bullies and exude hate when you meet them. Last year there was an overturned semi ahead and traffic was backed up. I was in the inside lane and went around another semi that had shut down over a half mile from the accident and was just sitting in the road. I eased in front of him and drove up to where the traffic was stopped. Some guy stormed up and started yelling I didn't stop where he though I should. I smiled back and he got so mad he stomped off cussing.

Then there are the people I see putting on makeup or reading the newspaper spread out on the steering wheel. Or the drunk drivers who think they are in control but in reality are so impaired they can't talk or function normally. I see this in our community often because our roads are private and they don't think they will get caught.

I wonder just how many other people are concerned over the increased hazard we all face every time we go out on the roads. Seems to me to be pretty significant....

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