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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hot Everywhere

I just watched the weather on the news and it is hot from coast to coast and that includes here in the mountains. Normally it is much cooler in the mountains (especially at 9,800' elevation) but not now. People come to the mountains usually to escape the heat but this year with the temperatures in the mid 80's during the day and not cooling off at night it has remained HOT. Houses in the mountains generally do not have air conditioning because it generally is not needed. Why install air conditioning for maybe a few days out of the year when it would be helpful. It is always cooler here with accompanying favorable breezes. This year that is not the case and the only relief is a oscillating fan. It is still and hot and dry.

Because of the elevation you normally work outside and walk slower. On our property everything is on a 45 degree slope so we walk slow anyway. Factor in the heat and it appears that you are frozen in place when observed by others. This is usually the time of year we do our major chores outside but this year it is too hot to do them. Instead of cutting 1/2 to 1 cord of firewood a day I cut one tree and look for a shady place to cool off. The dogs have no energy and this could easily be referred to as the dog days because they don't want to exert any energy. The deer and wild animals are active at night and bed down during the day. For once when we hear how hot it is in other areas of the country we know first hand because it is hot here too.


Rain said...

I love the heat because our winters are just too long and cold for me now. But...having said that, I do have an a/c in the bedroom that is very much needed these days. The humidity seems to just hover in that room, two fans didn't do the trick last summer so we decided to invest in one. Our dogs are seeking lots of shade, dog days of summer indeed.

Nadia D. said...

It's hot down here at 8500' too. Thankfully with the low humidity us mid-westerners are actually able to cope pretty well. It's been comfortable at night in the tent, daytime not so much. We've been trying to get as much work done before 11:30 every day as we can since that's about the time the sun has been unbearable and we've made quite a bit of progress. I got quite the sunburn on day one so that's not been fun. The view out here makes up for all of it though.