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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cowboy Breakfast

 What is better on an overcast cool day than cook outside on the old re purposed wood stove. Having breakfast with good friends and good conversation is just a good way to start any day. I was outside at daylight getting a fire going in the wood stove and once hot enough we cooked breakfast on top of it. Eggs, fried spam, special potatoes with just the right seasoning plus OJ and monkey bread with appetizers of fresh carrots grown in my garden and topped off with hot coffee.
Here is the cook resting and waiting for our friends to arrive. If you have never had a meal prepared outdoors it is hard to explain how good it tastes. There is just something about food cooked outdoors on a wood stove that tastes like a meal fit for royalty. Good food, good conversation, good company good laughs and good times. Thanks to Skip and Sue for sharing a special breakfast with us.

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