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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Recent Photo Of Deer

 I moved the trail camera to the other end of our property and here is a doe and her fawn.
Here is a photo of a large tree that blew over and hung up in another tree. It will have to come down but I'm going to wait until after winter and see if the snow will bring it down. It is a dangerous tree because if it is cut off at the bottom it will swing down and hit the other tree and then come right back onto the cutter in a micro second. I cut one down like this earlier this year and had two young strapping guys on a rope to pull it away from me. They did not pull hard enough and it came back on me but only a branch grazed me and cut my ear. Trees like this can cause major injury so this one will be cabled and pulled with a come along. Anyone just walking up and cutting this one loose at the base would only make that mistake one time.

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