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Friday, February 10, 2017

Embarrassing To Report

Normally our temperatures are somewhere in the twenties to low thirties in February.  We know our winter is not over by far as we have only received 96" of snow so far this year. There will be more to come but the weather we have been having for the past two weeks is more like spring. It is only going down to the mid 30's at night and we are not even keeping the wood stove going. It was 65 degrees when I got up this morning.

Whether this is climate change or global warming or something else we are taking full advantage by moving the accumulated snow to make room for what may come. It is so good to be able to work outside in shirt sleeves.  


Melody Shimada said...

Gorgeous environment but staggering amounts of snow. Enjoyied your blog and hope you won't mind answering a (potentially dumb) question: Wonderful clock in the photo but it snagged my brain - where do you wind it up? I have several old clocks but they all wind up on the clock face. Thanks, Melody

Bruce said...

Good question Melody: That clock belonged to Carol's grandfather and it didn't work so we put a battery operated unit in it with a pendulum that we bought from Clock Kit. We also had to replace the clock face (same place) because the old one was rusted. We enjoy the clock and it keeps very good time.
She also got one that is brass with cut glass windows and about 8"X"4 that was her grandfathers and it had a chime and needed to be wound up. It too was not working so one of the guys I worked with had his father fix it for us except for the chime. Then a friend from church said he has worked on clocks like that and wondered if he could take a look at it and see if he could fix the chime. He took it totally apart against our instructions and when we got it back it no longer worked. Arrrggggg....