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Friday, February 10, 2017

Expecting Rain/Snow Tomorrow

 With the nice weather it is nice being outside without a coat, The above photo shows the area before we started this morning and the bottom photo shows it after. The pile of snow was so high that we couldn't shovel the snow from the steps up on it and the snow just kept falling back down. Now we have an area to toss the new snow when it arrives.
I also shoveled off the other side of the house where it had built up over the winter. Now there is room for the snow coming off the roof without piling up on the roof. I also shoveled out the 6-7' of snow where the snow is pushed when we clear the deck. The higher the snow piles the harder it is to move around outside. Also broke up the 5-6" of ice on a platform at the side of the house that we use to access the chimney for the wood stove. Also took several inches of ice off the tarp covering the front end loader.

I think we are ready for the second half of winter. Heavy wet snow but needed to allow us to navigate around the exterior of the house. Also cut down by one of the gates so we could use that gate again and we have a minimum of 12" of hard packed snow in the back yard. It is about this time of year that we cut steps out to the wood shed in the hard packed snow.

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