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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Labor Of Love

Recently when we  invited a friend over for lunch he inquired if it were going to be having cowboy breakfast. We told him no it would be a meal inside cooked inside. Unfortunately that question planted a suggestion and yesterday we thought what the heck, we'll chop through that 6' pile of ice and snow and clear out around the cook stove and have cowboy breakfast.

I have been shoveling for one hour straight and have gotten about 1/3 if the way to the stove. Then I need to shovel out the stove, the equipment box, to the firewood pile and clear an area to cook. This is much more of a task than I thought it would be. It is going to take all day to shovel the hard packed snow and ice away. I have shoveled through the 6' frozen pile and now it is only another 30' through 4' hard packed snow to get to the wood stove.

This may take most of the day and as I progress and grunt and moan I keep asking myself if this is a good enough friend to cut a trail to the wood stove. I guess he is as my break is about over now and I need to move a few more tons of snow.

That shovel is a 5' shovel to give the task perspective.

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