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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Post Strong Winds

 Yesterday we had sustained wind of 40 + mph, and gusts much stronger for over 12 hours. Unusual for us to have wind last that long and that strong. Here are some photos of the trees blown down (6 that we can see from the house) and limbs blown off trees that are scattered heavily on the ground. I felt sort of foolish raking our driveway with a leaf rake this morning. I raked up several piles of branches. If not raked up in the dead of winter they stick in the snow thrower chute and clog it up so I needed to get them out of the way.
 The wind was so strong that it blew the electronic sensor for our weather station off the front of the house. It blew a large heavy steel coal shovel out from a protected area under the front steps. Blew several shingles off the garage roof and other things away from where they were kept.
 Above and below photo shows two blown down trees. The front end loader operator who was going down roads pushing trees blown over off the road, told me there were numerous trees on our road he had to push aside.
 The limbs in the photo below had to be removed from our driveway as they would shear a pin in the snow thrower if hit when they were covered with snow. Yesterday is one of those few days that the weather kept us inside. The power was out for over 8 hours but we are prepared for such contingencies so we did okay and caught up on reading and household chores.


Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing the wind was strong enough to take a tree down in the middle of a stand! Will it make good firewood? Or too much pine sap and not good for the chimney? Barbara

Bruce said...

It could be good firewood depending on the height of the chimney. Our chimney is 30' and pine trees tend to creosote up at the part above the roof so we burn aspen which is much cleaner. Most of the trees broke off but some uprooted and when the pine dries out it will burn very good in a wood stove that doesn't have a high chimney like ours. The key to using it is to have it dried out fully.