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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Life In The Mountains

Life in the mountains can be challenging at times. Take the last three days for example. Friday we were outside working in shirt sleeves and Friday night we had power outages and thunder snow. With our four dogs - three are fearful of thunder. So at 11:30 PM we were sitting in their safe place in the bathroom together to calm them down. I told them the story of Sarah's blindness and miraculous restoration which can only be explained through divine intervention. The vet's had no explanation and say it is so rare that it couldn't be explained. When retinas totally detach and float loose in the eye any chance of reattachment is pretty rare. Telling them the story in a calm voice kept them comforted for about an hour when the storm passed.

Then during the night the power went out again and Carol came down stairs to light a candle for the dogs to be able to see as they play musical beds at night. Being not quite awake she missed the last step and fell with a clatter. That woke me up but when I looked around all I saw was the dogs walking around. She was down behind the wood box and fortunately she wasn't hurt except for a scrape on her arm.

Finally the power came back on and we all went to bed again. Around 8:00 A.M. it went out again along with the telephone. The telephone came on a few hours later but the power was out for 13 hours. It was a wide spread power outage and the wind has not made its restoration encouraging.

Did I mention the snow - I think not. During this period we received 18" of much needed snow but it was the super wet and heavy type. The kind that when you walk on it you only sink in part way due to its density. Good moisture but impossible to move except by a shovel. Late in the day when the front end loader came down the road it was having to struggle to push the snow off the road. This is the kind of snow that is going to have to melt down. When it finally was light outside the windows were all covered in snow to where we couldn't see outside. We had to force the doors open to get outside. We will be working for days to be able to get around.

The snow is good for moisture and now we don't have to look at those trees that have been blown down by the last wind storm. They are covered under a foot and a half of snow temporarily. The lights are flickering so power may go out again and the weather station indicates more snow may be happening. I doubt it as those stations are frequently wrong but I will get this posted just in case. The wind is still gusting pretty strong.

Life in the mountains........

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