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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Win - Win

Here is one of my older blogs that appeared in the April/May edition of Mother Earth News magazine. It is a good way to get rid of dead trees to reduce our wildfire hazard by eliminating fuel. It benefits those who need firewood and either can't afford it or get it on their own. Another way is to advertise it on free cycle sites or Craigslist.  Those who need firewood to stay warm in the winter benefit and I benefit by getting it off our property. Something to consider.


Gary Bowman said...

Thanks for this info. We own 12 acres of land in the same area which is also heavily treed. We do not live on the land, only vacation there a lot. Do you have a contact name for the organization you have been using?
Thanks Gary Bowman

Bruce said...

Gary: I give it to La Puente Home Inc. If your property is in Forbes Park you will need to be here to escort them in and out again. Apparently during one of the wood fest's the association had the organizer brought some of the homeless people out to cut and gather firewood that La Puente works with and there must have been something occur that the association did not like.

I tried to get a pass for them to come in instead of the escorting because the groups I work with are mostly middle school or church groups and they are no problem. They are supervised by adults and responsible employees of La Puente.

Knowing that the assoc. won't even consider allowing them to have a card for entry. Even when told the difference between the two groups the assoc. is pretty nasty about them coming into get firewood. Therefore you have to escort them in and out. Pretty narrow minded if you ask me but I'm willing to bring them in and escort them out again. Its better than the scowls and hassle I get for trying to make things easier.

In fact last year one of the members of the ECC confronted these young people and their sponsor outside the gate on County property and was pretty nasty to them. Fortunately I arrived just as he was ordering them to use a specific gate and he left rather than deal with me. My guests don't deserve to be abused waiting for me to let them in. More info than you wanted but better to know some of these people go around with a chip on their shoulder so you don't have to experience the same thing if your property is within the park.

Here is the info: Name: La Puente Home, Inc. Phone: 719-589-5909; Address: PO Box 1235. Alamosa, CO 81101; Website:

Bruce said...

Gary: sorry for the sentence errors but it still angers me when I think of the nice young girl that was kind of reeling over being verbally bullied by this guy. He also glared at me but from a distance. Obviously they have angst against this charity for some reason but clearly not because of these 12-14 year old children who volunteer to help the homeless and poor by gathering firewood on our property..

Gary Bowman said...

Thx for the info. you are right, good to know. Our property is actually next door in the SDCR. I have personally experienced the type of so called hunters you have described in you blogs. Thx again I will give this group a call.