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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Squirrel Mistake

Never a dull moment at our house. Sometimes bad decisions are made and this morning that was the case. Not by us but by a ground squirrel. Carol had ordered a mattress topper for our beds and it was a big box that we had just retrieved from the Post Office 22 miles away. 
The box was large and hard to carry so when we got it home Carol had to hold the storm door open for me to fit it into the house. As I was bringing it in I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye and knew there was either a ground squirrel or chipmunk that found its way into the house.
I looked around with the flashlight but did not see it. Carol found it in the front window.
Okay, the bad decision was on the squirrels part. Our house is small and we have four German Shepherd Dogs. There was no way to get it out of the house and the squirrel had made a fatal mistake. It made a break for the back of the house and that is when four dogs saw it. No need to describe the result but it didn't fare well for the squirrel. Four large dogs with a bite strength of 750 pounds per square inch and weighing around 80-100 pounds each, nothing was going to stand in the way of the dogs. Reminiscent of the squirrel episode in the movie 'Christmas Vacation'.
 If there was a good part to all this, it was the squirrel liked to sit outside the door and taunt the dogs; when they were let out it could safely escape. It has been doing this for weeks now and when they saw it and it was inside it was an ah-ha moment for the dogs. Some mistakes can be recovered from but this was not one of those type mistakes. No second chance here and adios squirrel.

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