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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Whew - Big Tree

 In the strong wind storm we had a few weeks back in addition to estimated 50 trees that had blown over, probably another 30 were either hung up in other trees or leaning like this one was. Unfortunately it was raising up the ground at the roots and leaning over the trail we use to walk to the other end of the property.
It was leaning so far and the dirt was so loose around the base that there was a 6" gap that I could stick my arm down into. Every time we walked past the tree we would be very nervous and watch the tree carefully. Today was the day to deal with it so we took a come-along down and pulled it down. There wasn't much dirt holding it up so after we got it down we had to cut it up so we could use the path. 

Those logs were heavy and hard to move but it posed a very present danger to us. If it didn't fall on us or the dogs it could fall on a deer or elk. When the wind was blowing it would move the dirt at the base and we noted each day that the gap between the tree and the dirt was getting wider.

Right down the hill from this one is an even larger one that is horizontally on the ground. The limbs on that tree are up to 8" in diameter and it is broken off at the base. I'll be several days cutting up that one.

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