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Saturday, June 3, 2017


While I was preparing the dogs breakfast this morning I looked out the window to the side of the house and there were several deer bedded down not over 40 yards from the house. It takes quite a while to get the dogs breakfast ready as two require Rx and arthritis medication. Also I mix soft canned food and kibble together. With Sarah's congestive heart failure she doesn't have much of an appetite so her meals are drawn out somewhat.

We received 1/4" of rain last night so I took the tractor down to the end of the lot to make sure we didn't lose more trees and stopped at the swing for a moments reflection. As I sat on the swing the deer were browsing on the lush greenery not 50' from me. The deer and most other animals feel safe here and they looked up saw who it was and then went back to eating again. These are not unusual incidents and it reminds me of how much we love it here. Living with the animals is a very unique experience and honor - especially when they accept you as no threat and show trust.

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