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Sunday, March 4, 2018

High Winds

We have been in a red flag warning for four days and the wind continues to howl outside at 25-35 mph. with gusts up to 50 mph. Looking for more gentle days but none in the long range forecast. So far according to my count we have had 87" of snow this winter when we usually have over 150" by now. No snow and high wind equals wildfire hazard.

One good thing about all these weeks of high wind is that the weak trees and dead trees have blown over which is less for me to have to cut down. The trees left standing are tested and true for strength and have withstood much this winter.

When it comes to wildfire we have now had two wildfire experts tell us that our home is the most likely to survive a wildfire should one occur. Knowing that and having reviewed the evacuation plan established by our landowner association we believe we would stand the best chance of survival by hunkering down. We believe the association evacuation plan has far too many risks associated with it and with one road in and out of our community we would be at greater risk trying to get out than by staying on site.

We are hoping for a weather pattern like last year when we picked up all our snow in March, April and May coupled with rain every few days through the summer.

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