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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Visitors From Holy Cross University

 While the East Coast is getting hammered with one Nor'easter after another our weather has been really ideal and out of the norm for Colorado. It was 45 degrees, calm, and very little snow on the ground. I had an email from LaPuente that if they could get some more firewood as their supply was running very low.
 I told them that our roads were virtually dry and we were not expecting any more snow until next Monday. They quickly got a work crew together and came with Holy Cross (Massachusetts) students. They worked very hard and left with a  16' trailer and box trailer full of very usable firewood.
 This will give them a little breathing space and maybe stretch their firewood out to the end of the winter. It appeared that the students were all enjoying gathering firewood and if our weather holds hopefully they can make another trip.
It takes more caution when there is snow on the ground but the students were told what to expect regarding their footing and they all were very cautious and carried off about 3 cords of firewood with no incidents. Actually I think they were happy to be in the mountains in nice weather and not back East where the snow just keeps coming. Delightful young people and they benefited those in the valley that are unable to get their own firewood or can't afford to purchase it. Firewood in the valley is pretty costly.


Michael vasquez said...

Very kind of you to share. I apologize if this has been asked before but about how many cords of wood do you go through in a season?

Bruce said...

We usually go through between 9 and 12 cords of firewood per season Michael. Cutting, splitting, stacking is good exercise, thanks for asking. We also donate between 22 -25 cords of firewood for those who need it and is distributed by LaPuente...