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Sunday, May 6, 2018


I know there are some who do not live in Forbes Park full time and only visit but this should interest all owners who have property here. We are located in the bottom center of Colorado where it is 'exceptional drought'. We are not allowed to have any open fire here under penalty of hefty fines and jail time. I have never seen it this severe in the twenty plus years we have lived here. Everyone I have talked to is very concerned over potential wild fire. We did not come anywhere near our average snow fall this year having only received 105" out of our average of 264".

There are signs of a long ago wildfire occurring in our area with occasional pieces of charred trees on the ground. We have been working for years to protect ourselves and our property against the inevitable wildfire. As can be seen by the map about 2/3's of our state is venerable to wildfire. 

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