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Friday, May 25, 2018

Missouri Volunteers

 A combined group from First Christian and the Presbyterian church in Madison Missouri volunteering for LaPuente in Alamosa came today and loaded two trailers of firewood. That will make many people in the San Luis Valley happy this winter when the temperatures dip to -20 degrees. 
 We are fortunate at our age that we can still harvest, split and stack our firewood but many can't and some can't afford the high price of firewood so it is provided free by LaPuente for those in need. It is a good feeling to share what we have an abundance of with those who really are in need. We heat with a wood stove and if we lacked firewood we would be very cold so seeing our wood go to others is a good thing. 
 We will not know who benefits from it personally but knowing someone is benefiting from it is all we need. LaPuente has good programs and worth of donations and volunteerism....

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