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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Beware Of Wildfire

This was posted for our community by our association. We are in a very dangerous time with conditions as dry as they are.

FPLOA Email News and Updates
May 25, 2018
Extreme Fire Danger and Red Flag Warning in Forbes Park for the Memorial Day Weekend
 Our Fire Prevention and Control Program Director just received notification that due to the predicted wind and extremely dry conditions in our area, theComplete Fire Band that is already in effect in Forbes Park and Costilla County has be upgraded to a Red Flag Warning.
 Red Flag Warning means any type of outdoor fire or the outdoor use of any flame or spark producing device or equipment is strictly prohibited.
This warning also means that a fire is extremely likely and all residents and camper in the park should be vigilant when conducting all outdoor activities this weekend and remain alert for any sign of a fire, smoke, or the smell of smoke, and if detected, please call 911 Immediately, and then the Park Manager at 719-379-3000.

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