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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Super Dry

We are still in the red flag warning with warm days, wind and humidity at single digit. It appears that we will remain in a red flag warning until Sunday morning. Our time is being spent clearing trees, limbs, mowing grass etc. which leaves little time to post here. In spite of all the warnings about no fires outside over the weekend some person had one anyway and then left without putting it fully out. It caught surrounding vegetation on fire and was fortunately found early and extinguished after burning an area.

I'm losing my faith in people who want to do what is dangerous to others and the community and ignore warnings, rules and are not able to handshake with common sense. Over the years I have encountered a few people who openly defy red flag warnings and other rules to protect the community. When confronted they plead ignorance of the danger or manufacture an excuse that seems to get them off the hook. In some cases they just rely on ugly belligerence and threats.

If you refer to them for what they are - idiots or morons -  they sue you and you end up the victim and they prosper from their stupidity. I personally believe we have a deep seated society problem which turns justice on its head. END OF RANT......

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Carol said...

I hope this person (or these people) was arrested and/or fined. If not then the rules are not worth the paper they are written on.