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Monday, June 25, 2018


Carol just purchased me an IPhone which I have resisted until now. When our daughter Sasha visited us recently she introduced me to what is now known as Face time. I had no idea that even existed until we were holding her phone and talking to her daughter face to face. For an old geezer like myself I find this technology fascinating. It replaces letter writing and in fact they don't even teach cursive in schools any longer. While the modern technology is amazing I find myself missing the written letter.

I still have one friend that I exchange letters with regularly. I am glad for the new technology but the art of letter writing is rapidly disappearing which I find sad. When I sit down to write (type) him a letter I structure my sentences so the reader will understand what my intent is. Not in code or some  abbreviated version but thoughtful phraseology. I am able to think my subject through without the instant communications.

After the letter is mailed it will be a few days before he gets it and then I  patiently wait in anticipation for his reply. Technology allows us to be in constant and immediate contact with each other and how that will impact interpersonal communications in the long run I'm not sure but what I am sure of is I miss letter writing. Getting a personal letter in the mail is much different than holding this small computer in my hand with laborious typing and going back and forth.

In a written letter the intent is pretty clear usually. On this blog for instance I get responses from others but many are just anonymous spam or trying to get someone to open their website for a product or service or worse. I delete those but they are many each day. At least a letter won't be pirated in any way for someone else's purpose.

Times change and I know I need to keep up but I'm already missing letter writing. There is nothing like receiving an anticipated personal response from a friend or family member.

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