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Friday, June 29, 2018

Spring Wildfire

We were finally able to evacuate yesterday and this was what was happening. We drove through flames getting pelted with hot embers along the way. We are now in a motel in Alamosa safe and sound. We saw nothing but devastation on our way out at least what we could see. Piles of rubble where homes used to be and scorched earth everywhere we looked. Our community has been destroyed and even as I write this it continues. I will try to keep updates but it is now in the front of the Park only ash and what used to be trees. Some houses survived but 24 were lost and perhaps more. We are still in shock over what we saw and what is to come. This wildfire is zero contained and getting larger by the minute. Paradise is lost for at least a generation....

Photo courtesy of a friend who took it on their way to Alamosa.

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