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Monday, July 23, 2018

Aftermath Of A Wildfire

The above photo is all that is left of our neighbors well head.

One of the things I have noticed is what going through a wildfire does to ones psyche. I suspect it may be similar to PTSD that many of our military people suffer from. The trauma of suddenly being uprooted from your home; confined to a small motel room, dealing with  confused and nervous dogs and all the things associated is traumatic.

Then not knowing if your home is ashes or still standing and the return and finding it okay except for a few cosmetic burns and having to deal with the aftermath every time you look around you can have a psychological effect on a person. Each day as we look around and see all the total devastation it keeps the trauma of what has happened like a raw wound that keeps getting irritated more and more.

I have found it hard to concentrate, loss of focus  and being irritated at little things that don't count for anything. Being on 'edge' and often confused.  I like to think I'm in control and think clearly but I recognize that I'm only fooling myself when I think I'm okay. I know with time my mental status will return to normal and wonder about those who have gone through this wildfire and don't recognize their mental status has been altered or changed.

I recognized the change when I verbally struck out at Carol for no apparent reason. Then in talking to her found she had the same symptoms. Once recognized and identified we can cope and deal with it but I now wonder how many are having the same problems and have not recognized it yet. It seems to me that it is a subtle side effect of having gone through this trauma.

This was not just a sudden accident and then gone, it is something that continues each time we look around and are reminded life for us will never be the same. Each day refreshes the trauma...

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