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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Fire Devil

 The top two photos are the result of a fire devil perhaps a quarter of a mile from our home. These two photos reveal how strong the wind can be as trees are uprooted and broken off half way up. This had to be a scary situation as it occurred for any firefighter in the area. We have driven this road many times and these were mature large trees and they were pulled from the ground roots and all. These fire devils are very powerful and we were stunned to see what they can do.
 Below is tempered glass from my neighbors Jeep window. It melts at around 1,500 C. to 1,550 C. degrees. This was melted and run down and formed this shape inside the vehicle. A normal or average wildfire burns at about 1,472 F. degrees and this one was according to the team commander the hottest he has seen in his 30 years of fighting wildfires. Even though our property was essentially unscathed we have seen clear evidence of the intense heat radiation and what it can do. It burned so hot that some places across from us the nutrients were burned from the ground. As we evacuated we could feel the intense heat along the edge of the road through the truck door. The fireman in a briefing said that it burned about 4" down in the soil therefore killing the nutrients.

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