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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Home Again

The Spring Fire is almost, if not, fully contained now and as far as the south end of it goes we will be able to return to our homes tomorrow and we who still have homes grieve for those who lost theirs. It is a sad and disheartening thing to return to a heap of ashes and twisted metal. Those who had beautiful mountain lots with abundant trees and growth now only have charred sticks pointing to the sky and grey ash on the ground. I can remember how excited we were planning for our retirement home and those who bought lots to do that have had their dreams shattered. I think emotionally their loss is equally great. It will be even greater if they come view their property.

I personally have a huge sadness as I drive into what used to be lush mountain land and now it is scorched earth. While our home was one of those surviving I don't think I'll overcome the sadness and sorrow that I know others  are experiencing who are not as fortunate are going through.

All because one moron who defied the multitude of warning about no fires decided he could have one anyway. 108,000 acres burned and destroyed and hundreds of dreams and lives damaged... sad....

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