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Thursday, July 19, 2018

When A Victim Becomes A Real Victim

Our community has already heard from the EPA, OSHA and the rules have already been explained to us about debris removal. What these hard and fast rules will do is destroy our community. So far they have only decided about the double bag 6 mill disposal and metal disposal. They are still contemplating concrete disposal and will inform us when they have reached a decision. What our neighbors both with destroyed homes and those with still undeveloped land have yet to realize is the cost associated with this debris removal. Even vacant land will be required to comply to these gov't bureaucrats, and removal will be required.

Below is what I posted on Facebook and while it is harsh it has merit in my opinion.

What happens when the wildfire goes out and the smoke clears? When the service agencies leave and so does the media and the third largest wildfire in state history is nothing but a statistic.
There were 134 homes reduced to ash and twisted metal and people are still in shock and those who still have homes have to drive by the devastation of blackened trees, grey ash on the ground and the pungent smell left behind or the clouds of ash and dust that blows on the wind.
People are still in shock and have trouble focusing or concentrating with the constant visual reminder of what is now reality.
But little do they realize that the real trauma has already started. Not adjusters who actually are there to help or those who are trying to restore utilities or the electricians, carpenters or plumbers. The real trauma is when the bureaucrats swoop in with all their requirements and rules/regulations. Those heartless assholes who never leave their desk or office but impose unrealistic conditions on already victimized citizens in the name of the gov't.
How people can't clear the debris from what was left of their life that is now ash or twisted metal unless they comply with "regulations". It is for their own safety they say with asbestos that could be present. Of course the oldest home in the community was built in 1986, and asbestos was outlawed in the early 70's, so the chance of asbestos is nil...
Normal contractors are not qualified per the gov't to handle ash, concrete or metal. Homeowners have to hire a hazardous asbestos specialist to evaluate, supervise debris removal. Ash has to be wet down and put in 6 mil bags and double bagged. The trash bags at Walmart are just a little over 1 mil thick. 6 mil bags then have to be buried at a landfill a certain depth. Both the bags and the cost to bury them is expensive.
The EPA and OSHA have there unwavering requirements that must be complied to without any variance. 20 years ago before I retired and handled claims a single bag cost was over $35.00, and anyone handling them had to be fully protected in a hazmat suit and mask and trained. When the final cost to dispose of these non toxic materials per bag was tallied up it was super expensive. Then multiply hundreds of bags and factor in the specialized cost of disposing of concrete and metal and remaining wood that may have a minute trace of lead you have 135 super fund sites.
When our traumatized neighbors realize the enormous expense to clear the debris will easily exceed the cost of what it will cost to rebuild their home and the majority exceeds what insurance pays the real meaning of being victimized sinks in. What they have gone through losing everything in a catastrophic wildfire was a walk in the park to what the government bureaucrats are going to put them through. They are about to learn what a totally whimpering victim is really like at the hands of the EPA and OSHA.
We have already been told about the requirements explained above. .FEMA is nowhere to be seen nor any of our politicians who can make the rules abated or less restricted. The fact there is no asbestos in our community means nothing to a pompous bureaucrat because they have their rules and regulations and this is their chance to have real power over hapless citizens which make them seem important. Take a bottom feeding bureaucrat who has a little power and they will make people true victims with their regulations whether they apply or not.
Our community is going to go down the dumper not due to a wildfire but due to a heartless bureaucrat and our government idiots.

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Bruce said...

For the record the EPA and OSHA are telling the county representative how this is to be handled and the county then tells the association park manager to then tell us. That way it is from the EPA and OSHA but it appears to be coming from the county. Slick move if you ask me.