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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

When Will It End?

Many people believe that following a traumatic event like the Spring Wildfire that once you are back into your home (if it survived) everything is back to normal. That is a common misconception and quite natural. The reality however does not line up with common belief. The after effects of the the wildfire have as they say in the law arena has a long tail. The after effects linger on for a very long time post wildfire.

The fear of a heavy rain brings with it mud slides. The wind picks up the ash and soot and it penetrates everything. It has been dry for several weeks now and the ash and soot have made everything black. Our sidewalk is black, our deck is black, the soot that lands on our vehicles is black, the rhubarb leaves have a black cast to them, everything inside has fine soot on it. No matter how often you dust it still finds its way into the house landing on furniture, carpet, shelves etc...

There is nothing that is not affected by the remains of the wildfire. Day in and day out we are reminded of the trauma. We spend twice as much time dusting but to no avail. We feel it on our teeth, our skin, see it on our clothes and every little breeze that happens we see it as a dark cloud raising up from the ground. The lingering effects from the wildfire has a very long tail and there is no relief in sight.

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Gypsy said...

I feel so bad for you, and worry about what you are breathing into your lungs. Have you considered wearing a mask?