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Sunday, September 2, 2018


When does Autumn officially begin?  When the hummingbirds and songbirds migrate south? When the temperature drops steadily down to the low 40's at night or gets up into the 60's during the day? When the squirrels are spending all day burying pine cones which they will remember 90% of their locations? When my garden stops growing? Or, on September 23rd when it is marked on the calendar?  At our location I don't think it is when the earth, moon or sun line up in a certain position but when the animals and birds and surviving aspen trees indicate it has begun.

 They are predicting an especially cold and snowy winter for our area this year and it appears we are off to an early start with all the signs around us. Our preparation for winter is nearly done so bring it on. We  only have the garage left to apply stain too and everything else has been done even with the two week hiatus during the evacuation this summer.  We can always use a little more firewood but that will come in free time as available.  All the indicators reveal that fall is upon us.

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